We're passionate about creating wedding films that are authentic, organic, emotional and fun. Our job as filmmakers is to tell your story. Our focus is capturing your wedding day just as it happens spontaneously. The genuine moments, truthful emotions and candid fun are what make the celebration beautiful.

We avoid directing as much as possible, and act mainly as a "fly on the wall" throughout the wedding day. We use cameras and equipment that are small and discreet, and do our best to not be obtrusive on the day. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera, and part of our job is to help you forget we're even there. We utilize all kinds of technical tricks to capture crisp audio and beautiful close-ups without actually having to be in your face.

In the post-production process, we edit your films to emanate the feeling of your wedding day. Each film is completely customized based on the couple and their unique story. When you watch yours back, our hope is that it resonates the emotions and memories from the most important day of your life, so you can re-live it and share it with loved ones for a lifetime to come.

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